About us

  • To achieve excellent safety rating by NSC and DOT ( safety audits, road side inspections, cmvi etc)
  • To provide best possible service to our customers
  • Maintain discipline, accuracy, service and trust
  • Maintain a cool behaviour in any situation (never frustated, never give up etc}
  • To satisfy our team members (customers, employees, owner operator, drivers etc)
  • 48′ Tandem flatbed
  • 48′ Tandem stepdeck
  • 51′ Tandem stepdeck
  • 53′ Tridem flatbed
  • 53′ Tridem stepdeck

All fleet is equipped with 2009 and newer tractors that meets California requirements.

All of our trailers are equipped with almost all the accessories we need to haul the open deck freight. Most of the commonly used accessories are

  • Full drop tarps ( 8 feet and 10 feet)
  • Chains, binders & chain corner protector
  • V-boards, corner protector
  • 4″ nylon straps
  • Dunnage 4 x 4
  • Coil bunks
  • Pipe stakes 4′ long
  • All stepdecks with load lebellers
  • All over dimensional
  • We provide the best competitive rates to our customers. We built up a load from small LTL to full truck load. We provide team services to our customer according to the time period on the load.
  • Speedgo Transport Ltd. is both Canadian and US bonded carrier. We are capable of moving any freight within Canada and USA as an in-bond shipment using a8a bond, t&e bond etc
  • Speedgo Trucking Ltd branch of Speedgo Transport Ltd. is TLS licensed approved. It means we are approved by Port Metro Vancouver to enter the Port of Vancouver (Delta port, Vanterm, Centrem etc) and haul any freight in and out from the port
  • Customers can track their shipment 24/7 by using email or by phone. We are using GPS tracking system in all of our trucks.
  • Safety is the priority in Speedgo Transport Ltd. We follow all the DOT rules and regulations. Our experienced dispatch team monitor all the activities and do our best possible to overcome any violation.