Speedgo Transport Ltd. supplies a wide variety of open deck services to our customers. We provide suitable equipment according to the requirement of the shipment. We are available to haul any freight from small LTL to the heavy over-dimensional loads. We provide team services according to the delivery requirement.customers can track their shipments 24/7 by email or by phone. We use GPS tracking system in all our vehicles.

LTL (Less than truck load) – Speedgo Transport Ltd specialize in moving small LTL loads. We regroup the LTL shipment and provide the best competitive rates to our customer. Our modern dispatch system allows us to manage and track the shipment from time to time.

Full truck load- Speedgo Transport Ltd almost hauls every kind of flatbed shipment. We use right equipment for the shipment. We communicate well ahead with our customer to avoid any issues. We haul general freights ie lumber, building material, construction material, pipes, steel crates, insulation, metal products, machines, crates, mining manufacturing, glass materials etc.

Container load – We are TLS licensed and approved. It means we are approved by Port Metro Vancouver to enter Delta port, Vanterm, Centerm etc and can haul any freight in and out from the port. We have a very good experience to move containers in-bond within Canada and USA. all our experienced drivers has twic card and good experience with the container ports. We only haul long haul containers either to the USA or to Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

Over-dimensional load - Our expert dispatch team manage to move the over-dimensional freight in safely and secure method. We put the experienced drivers on these loads. We provide all the necessary requirement to move this freight ( permits, escort car, routing etc) we ensure that the freight is secure, safe and legal to move. Our dispatch team go over with all the permits with the driver to avoid any issues.